Terms of Service

Letters From Earth, Inc. (LFE) will write letters for customer at customer’s request. LFE will use its best efforts to write letters that achieve customer’s stated objectives, but in no way guarantees that such letters will accomplish any particular objective. LFE may refuse to write letters containing hate speech, profanity, or vulgarity or for any other reason.

LFE will not write letters threatening violence against another individual or property. Final drafts of letters will be sent to customers via email. Once letter is received by customer the customer may proceed to send it to the intended recipient as is or may make any changes that the customer may choose, without any limitation whatsoever. LFE shall bear no responsibility for the consequences of sending any letter. Customer releases and holds harmless LFE from any consequences of any nature that may occur as the result of the sending of any letter.

LFE advises customer that its letters are not written by lawyers, that the writing of any letter does not constitute legal advice, and LFE makes no warranties or representations of any nature with regard to the legal consequences of sending any letter. Customer may cancel any request at any time prior to the time that LFE has emailed to customer the initial draft of their letter. Once initial draft has been mailed, no cancellations or refunds will be allowed.