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Letters From Earth

We would never ask you to trust us with your important letter without demonstrating our proficiency. For that reason, we are showing you a sample of our writing style. These are not actual letters, but do provide a sample of the type of writing you are buying. Of course, style of writing var­ies with the type of letter. And we will also do one rewrite at no extra charge if your first draft is not to your satisfaction:

Sample Editorial
I write today to address the growing number of editorials appearing in this forum which decry the increasing level of harshness in our political discourse. While I certainly agree that this level of animosity is unhealthy, I would also like to point out that the increasing passions certainly can be a healthy thing. Particularly when compared to the apathy which characterized large parts of the American electorate previously.

Hate speech has no place in the great American political debate. But a highly educated electorate is fundamental to our Constitutional Democracy, and when the public is educated, then passions are sure to follow. I admonish my fellow Americans to continue to educate themselves and participate enthusiastically in vigorous debate. But I am sure that at the same time that we can conduct these debates with courtesy and mutual respect.

Sample Letter to Landlord

RE: Repairs on Unit 425 

Mr. Landors;

This is my third and final demand that you immediately complete repairs to my apartment's heating system. It is urgent that these repairs be completed without further delay as Winter will soon be upon us and my family requires adequate heat. If the repairs are not completed within two days, I shall hire a contractor myself and deduct the price of the repairs from my next rent. I will feel fully justified in taking this action based on the history of this problem and the terms of my lease with you.

Under the terms of our lease it is clearly the responsibility of the landlord to provide a functioning heating and air conditioning system.

Sample Letter to Customer

RE: Refund Request on Account # 254225 

Dear Mr. Doe;

Thank you for your inquiry on the above account, and for being a customer of Happy Sales Co. I regret to advise you that after carefully reviewing your request for refund , I am not able to honor this request at this time. I have come to this conclusion based on the history of this transaction as it is known to me, and based on the terms of sale that we agreed on. I would like to review with you those terms and how the activity on the account fits into those terms.

The third sentence of the first paragraph of our retail sales agreement states that "....refunds must be requested within 60 days of purchase."