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Letters From Earth

Leveling the Playing Field!

Letters From Earth writes personal and business correspondence of all kinds, including editorial writing. Our letters are custom written to the your exact specifications and are satisfaction guaranteed. Letters From Earth is a Florida corporation and a professional letter writing service. We have started this letter writing service after perceiving a great need of individuals and business entities to have a professional letter writing service that can customize letters to the exact needs of the individual customer. 

And we put that letter writing service “online” because we know that with an online letter writing service, people with a need for our services can find us anywhere there is an internet connection, making our letter writing service accessible to almost anyone and everyone with a need. While we do have a few “form letters” in our inventory, the vast majority of our work is to provide customized letters addressing the needs of the individual requesting the letter. We are even able to adjust the level of formality depending on the wishes of the customer. 

So if you are looking for an online letter writing service that can make you sound like a college professor, or like an average person who just happens to write well, we can accommodate either request. Our goal is to be an online letter writing service that creates custom solutions for each customer. We want you to have a letter that you will be proud to send.

Anyone can need a professional letter writing service. Many of our customers are highly educated people who take pride in what they do. But even a highly educated person may not be well educated in the art and skill of writing good letters. We are an online letter writing service that takes great pride in writing properly structured letters. 

It is our belief that anyone can put out a letter with good grammar. There are a great many aids available today to assist people in generating good grammar. But good structure is far more difficult and rare. Our personal letter writing service leverages good structure as a dynamic tool to make your letter effective. We lay a strong foundation for your statement so that it creates high impact.

We are not a professional letter writing service that will put out letters that are stuffy or sound like they were written by an academician. They will have a very “human” sound and feel to them. If you like, we will even try to emulate your writing style in order to make it more convincing that you wrote the letter yourself.